FIFA 21 Custom Tactics to Replicate EPL Teams

OS user pedrito79 is doing some great work where he takes the data from to create FIFA 21 custom tactics that replicate real-life teams. His focus has been on the EPL and the EFL Championship, but those are not the only teams he’s doing. He is also taking requests from the community and showing off his work every step of the way.

FIFA 21 Custom Tactics – How To

Heading to the thread is the best way to look at all the EPL and EFL teams completed so far. The community requests are also there and separated into a “miscellaneous” section.

Basically, pedrito79 is converting the way teams are playing in real life into a FIFA language that he shows off in the custom tactics/instructions menu. Using Manchester United as an example, here is a summary of their strengths and weaknesses from WhoScored.

He uses this team data, and then also tunnels down into individual player data that coincides with the position that person plays on the team. For example, here is a look at Mason Greenwood.

Then here is pedrito79 going through how to actually set the tactics for Manchester United position by position in a YouTube video.

[embedded content]

This is the structure used for every FIFA 21 custom tactics showcased by pedrito79, which is good because you get the data and an easy-to-follow tutorial.

One thing to note about custom tactics in FIFA is these tactics tie more to the position than the player. So if you end up getting a new player who has a totally different style than the player there now in real life, you might need to make some tweaks.

Lastly, you can set custom tactics and instructions for AI teams, but it’s not the cleanest system to keep them locked in game to game (usually easier to just use a second controller and set them at the start of a game). So I would recommend using these tactics more for your own team than trying to get the whole EPL playing the “right” way. However, you can still do that if you’d like, but I would hope it’s easier to tie custom tactics to AI teams in the future.

Credit: FIFA 21 Custom Tactics to Replicate EPL Teams – Operation Sports