Pokemon Go Battle League Season 5 starts on November 9th with a new set of cups

Season 5 of Pokemon Go’s Battle League is set to commence on November 9th and this time around it’ll be a little different from the previous iterations. It will be three weeks long, making it much shorter than prior seasons and ratings will not be used for rank progression.  Instead, this will be determined by winning a set number of battles from rank 2.

It will also feature an entirely new set of cups. The expected dates for these and what they will involve can be seen below:

  • The Little Cup – November 9th – 16th – This will feature Pokemon that can evolve but never have with a CP limit of 500.
  • The Kanto Cup – November 16th – 23rd – Quite simple, only Pokemon from the first generation can be used but the CP limit will be 1500.
  • The Catch Cup – November 23rd – 30th – Players can only use Pokemon they’ve caught since the start of Season 5. The CP limit will be 1500 and Mythical Pokémon such as Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Victini are not eligible.

Beyond that, there will also be several new things to look out for in Season 5. Firstly, from rank seven, players will have a chance to encounter a Legendary Pokemon through Go Battle League reward tracks. This will only apply to season 5 and the Legendary Pokemon on offer will be the same as those appearing in five-star raids at the time.

There will also be new attack added to the game too. The will be Incinerate, which will initially be available for Kanto Rapidash, Typhlosion, Ho-Oh, Unova Darmanitan and Chandelure. Meanwhile, Flame Charge will now be an option for Kanto Rapidash, Entei, Emboar and Chandelure.

Elsewhere Poison Sting has been adjusted so that it generates more energy, meaning Pokemon that have this move can use their Charged Attacks more frequently. This will affect the likes of Vespiquen, Drapion and Whirlipede.

Pokemon Go is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Credit: Pokemon Go Battle League Season 5 starts on November 9th with a new set of cups