Top 12 best educational kids games on Android

1 Metamorphabet

Developer: Vectorpark

Genre: Casual, Virtual Pet/Toy

Metamorphabet is the best kids game out there. Perfect for little ones who are currently learning the alphabet, this game gives the player a cartoon letter with some additional features on it, reading it outloud for them. They can then pinch, squeeze and move the letter around, taping on the features added to the letter to hear how they relate. This will give little ones a few examples of words that start with the letter, helping their understanding, before they can move on to the next.

2 Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

Genre: Brain training

An adorable maths game, Moose Math has young ones interacting with a cast of bright and colorful characters, looking to build up their town! There are many, many different ways to learn math in this game, from counting fruit to make smoothies to subtracting donuts. Putting heights in order and connecting dots are also featured in the game, providing a very well rounded experience! Your child can earn pets through learning math, and you can check up on how they are doing with a report that’s created by the game.

3 Intellijoy Early Learning Academy

Genre: Brain training

Intellijoy Early Learning Academy is more of a broad game, not focusing on one topic but instead having a bunch of different learning topics, including music, reading, counting and more. You can choose what age group your child fits in, from three different options (from three year olds to five and over), customising the experience to what your child’s age is and what their focus should be on. It’s a colorful game with cute animals and many different ways to learn and play!

4 Animal Jam

Genre: Brain training

A bit less on the directly educational side, and more on having fun while also passively learning, Animal Jam is an online multiplayer game made in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, with the aim to teach children about zoology and ecology through games, parties, and cute animals. There are a lot of cute features in this game that will captivate any child who picks it up, while learning passively along the way. Importantly, the game is a safe space for children to interact with others.

5 Khan Academy Kids

Genre: Brain training

Khan Academy Kids is an amazing resource where your child can explore story books, watch videos and play educational games – all for free, without ads, on their device. There are tons of games to explore, covering math, reading, counting, language, emotions and much more. It’s a great tool for those who really want their devices to educate their children, as there is something for everyone and all of the games can be played without adult help.

6 The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss

Genre: Brain training

There are a bunch of Dr. Seuss books made into games by this developer! The Cat in the Hat is one of the books I remember reading as a child, but this app actually allows children to play around with the pages, tap words to understand what they mean and where they are in the pictures, and have a better understanding of the books without being guided through them with an adult. If your child loves whimsical characters, Dr. Seuss is a must.

7 Endless Alphabet

Genre: Casual

Another game focused just on reading, Endless Alphabet has a bunch of colorful monsters, ready to teach your child about spelling, letters, and eventually sentences. There are a bunch of different puzzles where you need to put letters into place to make words or hear definitions and find the word that best fits it. The letters come to life, turning into monsters themselves, which is super fun and interactive!

8 Colors & Shapes – Learn Color

Genre: Brain training

Colors & Shapes is a simple game that does teach both colors and shapes to children, in a colorful and inviting world! Your child can paint objects and identify them, collect different colored objects and sort them, match-up items that are the same, trace shapes and outline them, and drag shapes together to create another shape! Though learning shapes and colors can be simple, with this amount of variety, it’s very fun!

9 Starfall

Genre: Brain training

Starfall is a variety of educational games with math games, reading, songs, fiction and non-fiction stories and much more. The variety is pretty impressive – from songs that encourage range of motion to geometry and measurement, there is something for most children to learn. There is counting, phonics, and so much for your child to explore.

10 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Genre: Casual

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a name everyone seems to recognize! Based on the book by the same name, this educational app focuses on healthy eating and bringing the storybook to life. In a 3D world, children can learn about other animals, their eating habits and how nobody should be eating too many sweets instead of all of their fruits and vegetables.

11 Coco – Educational Game

Genre: Puzzle

Coco is a variety educational game, aimed at ages 5 to 10 years old specifically, where their main focus is through puzzles! Math and memory games seem to be the most common on the app, complete with soft colors and cute designs, which can appeal to both younger and older children in that age bracket. This game is free for the first week of play, then switches to a subscription model.

12 Shape Gurus

Genre: Casual

Shape Gurus aims to teach younger children to identify shapes by placing them into their slots, creating larger pictures that can then come to life, captivating children as they play. Along with that mode, they can also play mini-games where they must find the shape that doesn’t match the others and ones that can be sorted by size. Creating pictures is where the real fun begins, as shapes are placed into slots, creating more of a picture.

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