Top 25 best platformers on iPhone and iPad

Platformers didn’t used to work so well on mobile. In the early days of smartphone gaming, screens were too small, processors weren’t powerful enough, and no one had really figured out touch controls yet.

Meanwhile, controller support was non-existent, so you could never get that console-like experience.

No wonder the endless runner came along and had a ‘moment’ that’s pretty much lasted to this day. What is an endless runner, after all, if not an automated platformer that plays well on mobile?

These days, the scene is drastically different. The average smartphone display is way bigger and sharper, the processing power has grown exponentially, and developers have nailed how to make a game feel responsible with touch controls. It’s also now really easy to hook up a proper controller.

All of which means that playing platformers on your iPhone or iPad is now an absolute joy. Unsurprisingly, the standard of these platform games has risen dramatically.

Credit: Top 25 best platformers on iPhone and iPad